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ULH Libraries : National Health Executive Podcasts

Welcome to our ULH Libraries web page. Please find access to many of our services throughout the site.

These Podcasts give an exclusive insight into the leaders responsible for running the UK healthcare sector their opinions on recent headlines, visions for the future and meet the personalities behind the job titles. 

1. This is quite controversial. Health in GM, Dr Tracey Vell MBE

Dr Tracey Vell MBE, chief executive of Manchester LMC, clinical director of Health Innovation Manchester and associate lead for primary care at the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership, joins us in the studio for our first NHE podcast, giving us exclusive insight into the health environment and innovation going on in Greater Manchester

Ep 2. Mental health doesn't happen in isolation, Dr Claire Watson
Claire Watson, recovery academy lead at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, joins us on the second-ever NHE podcast, talking us through general mental health and the state of care for it currently, as well as what she sees in her role as the potential solutions, and causes, of the problem
Ep 3. From Turning Point to NHS Confed - Lord Victor Adebowale CBE
Chief Executive of Turning Point, Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, joins us for this on the go podcast to discuss the UK healthcare landscape and his new role as Chair of the NHS Confederation
Ep 4. Shifting the burden of care, Mark Duman
In Episode 4 of #WeAreNHE podcast we are joined by Mark Duman, Chief Patient Officer at MD Healthcare Consultants. He believes strongly in patient-focused care, explaining why we "need to personalise healthcare a lot more"
Ep 5. Mental health is not a life sentence, Stewart Lucas
Strategic Lead for Mind in Greater Manchester, Stewart Lucas, joins us for this on the go podcast to discuss mental health care in the UK and how he feels it is at present about 100 years behind where we are with physical health
Ep 6. Unless we change the game we are going to lose, Henry Jones
In Episode 6 of #WeAreNHE podcast we are joined by Henry Jones, CEO of digital mental health organisation Big White Wall. As Henry explains, with demand fast outstripping our capacity, we cannot simply treat mental health in the traditional ways. We require innovation and new thinking, such as Big White Wall has brought to the table
Ep 7. Keep the doors open to creativity, Baroness Ilora Finlay
Baroness Ilora Finlay, Chair of the National Mental Capacity Forum and a Professor of Palliative Care, joins NHE's Matt Roberts to talk about efforts during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the potential longer term effects of bereavement, loss and trauma during Covid-19 and the potential positives we can find out of the difficult circumstances
Bonus Ep. Live from EvoNorth 2019: Health, Social Care & Wellbeing