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ULH Libraries : Request Forms

Welcome to our ULH Libraries web page. Please find access to many of our services throughout the site.


Article Request Form

Please complete this if you wish to find a specific article from a journal or publishing. 


Library Services Training 

Library training request. Using this form you will be able to receive training on the library services and how to use the library efficiently.


Library Membership Form

If you wish to become a member of the library please complete this membership form. 


Literature Search Form

Please complete this if you wish to find a specific journal. We will respond as soon as possible

Literature search training 

This link will allow you to teach yourself how to preform a literature search to find your own information 


Self-Issuing Slip 

Please make the details as accurate as possible in order to prevent losing books 


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Sign up to Open Athens 

This will allow you access to the many databases that we have available in ULHT

 Database Schema Data Tables - Free vector graphic on Pixabay



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eBook Request Forms 

Please allow us time to complete your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Knowledgeshare Membership Form

If you wish to sign up to knowledgshare please do so by completing the form you see here.